1. osteolysis

    has anyone ever heard of this. osteolysis of the distal clavicle?

  2. Distal clavicular osteolysis (DCO) is very common in weightlifters with AC joint problems. Osteolysis is a bone reabsorption very similar to osteoporosis. Surgury is an option, I believe it is resectioning of the clavicle. What is your daily calcium and vitamin D intake? Also you may want to refrain from heavy shoulder training especially presses if you are having severe pain. Weight bearing excercises however can help with calcium absorption into bone, so don't stop lifting all together, just as tolerated. I hope this helps bro.
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  3. since i found out that this is what i have i started the following: a liquid calciumproduct with 800 mg of calcium, 400 mg magnesium, 400 iu D, and 200 mg of ostiovone. i also started taking Tri- Boron plus which has 500 mg calcium, 250 mg magnesium, 200 mg D. and i take an aditional D3 of 2000 iu / day.
    i stoppped all shoulder work except for laterals
    the main thing that hurts it is chest, which happens to be my best body part.

  4. Looks good, you have all your nutritional and metabolic bases covered. If I were you I would do some rehab work for your shoulders. Therabands work wonders and give you an awesome pump if you do them really strict. Also for chest lighten it up and sure you really stick out your chest to let it take over, also the smith machine is very shoulder friendly of bench.

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