modified 5x5 progam of some sort, what do you think

  1. modified 5x5 progam of some sort, what do you think

    I saw a 5x5 routine that won 1st place on another website in a article submission contest on this website, I liked the idea behind and would like to use it with some modifications to the exercises and distribution of rest days

    Monday-CGBP, Military Press/DB side lateral, Standing calf Raise, Barbell Curl


    Wednesday-Weighted Chins, Barbell Bench Press,Lying leg Curl,Barbell Squat,Barbell shrugs


    Friday-Dumbbell Curl, Seated Calf Raise, Military Press/Dumbbell Lateral/Lying Tricep extension


    Sunday-Bent Over rows, Incline Dumbbell Press, SLDL, Leg Press, Barbell Shrug

    All these exercises are performed in 5x5 fashion, excluding isolation exercises such as the shrugs, side laterals, leg curls and calf work and just for fun i might throw in a superset for some things, e.g 5x5 bench press with 2X10-15 dumbbell pull-overs

    Tell me what you think, any help is greatly appreciated

  2. anyone?

  3. Not enough back exercises for me... I also don't like the idea of combining all of those different body groups all over the place...seems disorganized to me, thats just my opinion. 5x5 would be cool to do though.

  4. I am doing a 5x5 program right now and here is my split

    1A. Incline BP, Squats, BB Rows, Biceps, Core
    1B. Flat DB Press, Front Squats, One-Arm Rows, Biceps, Core
    2A. Deads, Military Press, Cleans, Triceps, Core
    2B. SLDL, Hammer Strength Shoulder Press, Cleans, Triceps, Core

    I lift Mon, Wed, Fri and it follows this order: 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B, lather, rinse, repeat. I do it like this so I stagger which muscle groups get more volume each week. You can sub incline for flat BP, but do 5 sets on each compound exercise (except for cleans).

  5. I like Rodja's approach with the staggering. While volume technically is the same for all muscles the weekly schedule matters a lot for most people who work 9-5, balancing volume along those lines is a good idea. I like the programs on Mad Cow's site, but if you want to mix it up from there you can. I like to stay minimalist in my approach:

    - Always Included as one workout -

    - Other Mixes I've Used -
    Dead Lift
    Clean and Press
    Lat Pull Down


    Front Squat
    Incline Bench
    Good Mornings
    One Arm Rows

    I prefer full body two to three times a week.



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