Best substitute for side lateral raises?

  1. Best substitute for side lateral raises?

    I cant do side laterals cause my shoulders click, I dont want to do military press cause I dont want to primarily target anterior delts.
    Any1 know of a good exercise wich they found works best for them?
    BTW I am already doing rotator cuff excercises including cuban rotation.

    I am thinking of either DB upright rows or DB raises.

  2. Either DB uprights or BB uprights with a wide-grip (a few inches outside shoulder width).

  3. I like rainbow presses. You could also try doing the side lateras with your elbows bent like an L. I don't know why but they seem much more comfortable on my shoulders.

  4. Wide upright rows. OR If you do a chest and shoulder exercise like on a D.C. program, try a flat press and then go to a hammer military press. Your side delts do most of the work. I was like where did my shoulder strength go?

  5. See if you can do lateral raises lying down on your side. They really target the medial head and may not bother your shoulder

  6. Exactly what Jminis said.

  7. Glass laterals

  8. Quote Originally Posted by meowmeow
    Glass laterals
    I'll bite. What are they?

  9. You can also try raises in the plane of the scapula, where you don't bring your arms so far lateral.

    This might decrease the stress on the shoulder joint.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78
    I'll bite. What are they?
    Charles Glass came up with them.

    Here they are described by Weapon X at another forum:

    DB Lateral Raises variation...

    The way Glass recomends these is a little different from the conventional way... from what I understand the conventional way would be to start the DB's either at your sides or in front of you palms facing and then bring them up around shoulder level turning your wrists on the way up like pouring out a glass of water.

    The Glass recomendation is to actually keep your DB's in line with each other, think of your thumbs pointing at each other... keep that line with the slight bend in your elbows. If you are doing this excatly as described you will emediately notice that it's extremely hard for you to get much higher that mid-pec area. Your shoulders emediately raise and kind of cap up... isolating the side head big time. To help achieve this... as raising, keep you pinky finger side higher up than the thumb side... to help with this, it feels best to choke up on the DB so your pinky side is flush with the bell, as opposed to gripping in the middle of the DB.

    This method has been the single best thing I have done to my shoulder training in a while. It is extremely concentrated and takes the surrounding muscle goups out of the picture so they can't come and help. Give me a 15lb DB and I can get a great workout doing it this way... as opposed to using 30-35lbs with the conventional way. This can be especially usefull for those with shoulder problems, as it's an entirely different feel and can keep you going at it while healing from an injury. Myself and my training partner have been doing them this way for a couple of months and see a big difference... my training partner was actually not able to do the conventional way because of an irritation, but the Glass method works like a charm ... it also feels great doing them one arm at a time as well... holding on to something leaning in. I discovered this methos from watching Back To Basics 2 with Dennis James with Glass training him. Worth a try...

  11. DB presses are great for the lateral delts as long as you bring the DBs down so they are even with your ear.

  12. Thanks for all the replies, they still click if I am lying down. I just did glass laterals without any weight then did raises without any weight, its sorta hard to say but if I had to guess I would say the glass laterals involved my rotator cuff more then the raises.
    What are rainbow presses?


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