Hi Guys, posted this in the wrong section before I think.. Hereís a bit of a backlog.

I have been working out for about 3 years on and off, more off than on.. but about 12 weeks ago I started working out very seriously. 5 times a week, with a friend who knows his stuff, and has been working out for four years heavily.

I have been getting this really bad pain in my outer forearms, and its usually when I am doing doing a set, and release the weight. Now I read on here, and it seems fairly common. But the pain lasts, now, into the next day, and my right arm is really bothering me.. I stopped doing flat curls as they hurt too much. I have been using moist heat, and I picked up some glucosamine and cod liver oil yesterday that I have been taking. Along with theragesic. I also ordered some Cissus RX hoping it will help.

I take protein, and Muscle Techís NAN0.. along with GAKIC. Was taking creatine as well. Iím thiking I did too much too fast, and my biceps got stronger than my arms/forearms are. I have really transformed in the past 3 months. Is there anything I can do? Did I tear something? Tendonitis?

I'm thinking I need to strenghten my forearms.. But the pain is pretty bad, and I really dont want to stop doing bicep work.. I may have to for a week or so.. I use gloves now, but those wrist gloves are the ones that look like the isolate your wrists correct?

Should the heat be helping? Along with the glucosamine and cod liver oil? Or are these un-necessary.. ?

Thanks to meowmeow who posted in my other thread. Very knowledgable.