Knee protection

  1. I've had this argument many times over. Both compress the joint in roughly the same way from what I can see, so what's the difference? My ligaments are shot, I've got arthritis in both knees bad enough that I can tell the weather based on knee twinges and types of discomfort like a ****ing pirate. I use wraps. They're handy and I like them better because I have to unsneaker myself to take off sleeves. Seem to work just fine. Nothing will help your knees in exercises like squats and deadlifts more than proper form and execution will, Spatch. I'd recommend wraps, advice from somebody who has used both over the years and seen no difference, and who these days if he goes out dancing spends the next day or so barely able to walk.

    Regular doses of cissus and the occasional pain killer doesn't hurt either.

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