Closing with abs???

  1. Closing with abs???

    What up fellas, just a quick question. Do most of you start a workout with abs, or finish with abs (on ab days obviously) thanks.

  2. I shouldn't matter much wich you way you choose. If you can keep the intensity constant that its.
    Sometimes it's better to start with abs becasue your "fresh" and can apply yourself more to the task.
    there is nothing wrong with doing them at the end of your routine, except, your more tired and may not be able to complete the same workload.
    An quick answer is that if your tring to bring about a lagging bodypart, train it first when your fresh.
    you can also alternate. One week you do abs first, the next you do them last. It can also be helpfull to do them in between sets of other excersizes.

  3. I prefer to do abs last in my routines. By doing abs first, I feel that it can fatigue your core, and could cause injury depending on what exercises you are doing that day. With your core being tired from doing abs, it might not be able to handle as much weight for other exercises in your routine.

  4. I prefer to do them between lifts for other body parts. Here is what I did yesterday on Chest/Abs day...

    Flat bench
    Decline weighted SU's
    Incline DB
    Leg raises

    I like to do this because after doing flat bench, I can not give max effort on incline DB press. By taking a break I can let my muscles regain some strength and increase the intensity of those lifts.

  5. I prefer to do them in the end of a workout. For some reason I have more motivation at the end of a game to do them.

  6. I like to superset abs with whatever other muscle group I'm working that day. It helps keep me moving instead of resting between sets since I'm in precontest mode.

  7. Before for a warmup and after for the real thing

  8. I always do them last this way I feel more energetic at the end for abs, I do a lot and I feel it would take away with my regular workout


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