D.C. Training + X-reps?/ Questions

  1. D.C. Training + X-reps?/ Questions

    I've been looking into D.C. Training and I'm going to be switching up to that type of program. I have also been reading up on X-reps (Partials). Correct me if I'm wrong but they are performed at the contraction phase of exercises performed. Now I read where Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler both use X-reps(Partials) in their training but from what the article said, Jay uses X-reps(Partials) in the stretched(power) range of the movement not the contraction phase. For example, the bottom 1/4 of a flat bench press.

    Can these be succesfully incorporated into D.C. Training or is it overtraining? Like I said, I am new to both. Thanks
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