Legs slacking, upper body definantly is not... tell me if this change will help?

  1. Legs slacking, upper body definantly is not... tell me if this change will help?

    I do squats, deadlifts, bag work, whatever. But my upper body still is larger than my lower body. I dont want to go into this summer with the chicken look, at all. My thoughts about this are that Im still puting more emphasis into my upper body than lower body, so I am thinking about completly switching up my way of training.
    I have back day, shoulder day, chest day,leg day, and calve day with bicepts and tricepts. I always start each workout doing the cybex.

    After new year Im going to completly switch it up.

    Quad day (hack squats/leg extensions), Hamstring day (deadlifts/those rear leg extension things), and squat/calve day. Ill be doing a work out about every other day, every 3 days. and instead of cybex for cardio and general warm up before workouts, Ill do the opposite... Ill do rowing machine/heavybag work.

    To finish each workout day Ill do my pushup, situp chinup routine.

    What do you all think about this? I may loose some upper body mass, but to be honest I really dont care. I put on upper body mass so fast that its not even funny and if anything it will lean my upper body out even more

    Currently my big lifts... overhead dumbell press standing 95lbs with no back support 3 sets of 8.

    Flat dumbell press 260lbs 4 sets of 6

    deadlifts 365 4 sets of 6

    squats 265 4 sets of 6 (my absolute weak link)

    body wieght 205, 8% bodyfat

    any advice appriciated

    btw no roids, no prohormones

  2. suggestion

    Damn soldier... That bodyweight/bf% is damn impressive for having relatively little leg mass.

    A few years back, I switched all of my squats to 20-reppers and grew like a weed. Front squats definitely helped as well. If you're just doin straight squats, try and see if this helps.

  3. Don't worry about splitting up your quads and hams, just reserve a full day for just legs something like this:

    squats 1x20
    barbell lunges 2x8-10
    stiff-legged deadlift: 2x6-10
    lying leg curls 2x8-10
    standing calf raises: 4x8-10 reps

    Write down all of your weights and go up in weight or reps each week, but no higher then the rep range i gave you, for the 20 rep squats i want you to do a warm up, then put a weight on that u can only do 10 reps with them keeping the weight on your back take deep breathes then keep going. You can pause as many times as you want but keep the bar on your back till you hit 20 reps, if you don't manage 20 then build off of it next time till you do, then when u do add weight.

    I know it looks like low volume but i believe in intensity over super high volume, and ALWAYS progressively overload your muscles! So that means keeping track of your weights!

  4. you know what? Im going to follow your aproach. in a week I have a girl from halmark taking a picture of me. So Ill actually have a before and after to compare it to. Good looking out.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sourcheese

    Flat dumbell press 260lbs 4 sets of 6
    Stupid, stupid question but can I assume that the 260 is total weight, you arent using 260 lb db's, are you? As I said, stupid question.

    As for legs, front squats are the most under rated lift in all of BBing. If I could only do one lift for quads, it would be front squats instead of normal squats.

    Also, dont worry so much about the weight you move while squatting. I have bigger quads than kids that can out squat me, as most of the squatting power comes from the glutes. If you plan on competing, glutes will take away from an "X Frame."

  6. hmm. front squats hit the legs more over glutes? and its 260 total ya that would be sick if I was pulling off 260 each hand

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sourcheese
    hmm. front squats hit the legs more over glutes? and its 260 total ya that would be sick if I was pulling off 260 each hand

    Front squats hit quads more and glutes less than back squats. Do them right and you will fell the difference when your done.

  8. If you can perform them right and are comfortable with them then do front squats they are awesome, i do mine on a smith machine but i will be getting a front squat harness and be switching to free weight. They will really hit your vastus medialis (tear drop muscle around the knee) and your vastus lateralis (outer quad).

  9. Thats really good to know. Perhaps alternate each squat workout? Front squats one week, traditional the next? Thanks guys, you have all been a wealth of knowledge

  10. Going ass to grass on front squats have really helped add mass as well as definition to my quads.

  11. Yes front squats are awesome! also hack squats, have you ever tried to standing on plates while you squat, with just the heels of your feet on the plants forces you to use just quad muscles its take the hams and glutes pretty much out of the picture because you are pressing on the front part of the foot and tension on the quads this is awesome!

  12. Define "hack squats" the exercise is the name to two different exercises: One involves a hack squat machine (and is amazing) and the other is basically doing a deadlift with the bar behind you (and is not so great IMO).

  13. hack squat machine sorry, i love to do these you canuse different foot placings to hit different muscles in your legs too which is fun to play around with!


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