Need new music to kick a$$ to.

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  1. Need new music to kick a$$ to.

    Just looking for some suggestions here... What is your favorite music to lift to?? Looking for something aggressive to get the adrenaline going...

    Currently on my playlist: Slayer, Danzig, motorhead, Judas Priest

  2. The new Killswitch Engage "As Daylight Dies" is some sick ish!

  3. bury your dead-house of straw

  4. Hatebreed is pretty aggro... Defeatist and Destroy Everything are two songs of theirs currently in my training playlist... I think you'd like them considering your playlist.

    But I also workout to Sergei Provokiev and sh1t... I'm all over the place with music.

  5. Milli Vanilli still on your top ten?

  6. Only 'Blame it on the Rain'... 'Girl you know it's true' is way played out now.

  7. indeed

  8. Lot of **** from Tech N9ne

  9. Bury your dead

  10. Trivium

  11. Disturbed-Hell

  12. Disturbed-Dropping plates

  13. Rick Ross-Push it

  14. Project pat-Side 2 Side

  15. T.I. Top Back

  16. That Disturbed song Hell is causing a disturbance in the force.. The Force being my boxerbriefs..

  17. Linkin Park-Somewhere I belong

  18. Lacuna Coil - Heavens a lie

  19. In Flames-Take this life

  20. I agree with bigpete the new killswitch freaking rocks!! i like haste the day any song their drum beats everything about them is awesome!! the agnoy scene is another crazy band
    i will be back with more

  21. Check these out:

    Deftones: 7 words
    Deftones: Headup
    Deftones: engine no. 9
    Mudvayne: cradle
    Mudvayne: dig
    Slipknot: sick

  22. Don't mention slipknot...It brings out Bobo ><

  23. search youtube for american love by haste the day sit back and enjoy

  24. sweet. thanks for your feedback everyone!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Don't mention slipknot...It brings out Bobo ><
    lol hmm not sure i know bobo yet but i dont know if i want to the way you are talking


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