To wrap or not to wrap

  1. To wrap or not to wrap

    Is it really necessary to use knee wraps when doing squats(on the heaviest sets)? I've read in some bodybuilding mags saying its advisable and some say its not necessary and can do more harm than good. This has me confused. What do you guys think?

  2. If your form is good and you train properly then you can get by fine from what i'm told. However, I don't see any harm in them.

  3. if you squat anything over 450 start wearing them

  4. I am fairly tall and I find the wraps help me in a few things. First, it gives me knee support (obviously...but my knees are less sore since using them). I have a tendency to hyperextend my knees and had an injury playing basketball from landing wrong and hyperextended my right leg. With the wraps it is much harder to hyperextend. Lastly, it gives me a piece of mind that I am less injury prone..even though I may not be. Just thinking you are may be enough to keep injuries away....but then again, we are all NOT invincible!

  5. my suggestion is anythinkg over 350-400lbs start to use them. They also can be a mental way of reminding yourself not to pop up and lock out youyr knees to fast. No need to blow a knee out.



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