achiles tendon/ankle

  1. achiles tendon/ankle

    hey guys..I'm sorry I'm new here and im not sure where to post my question. please direct to correct forum if im wrong. its about an ankle injury. Ive smashed my Achilles tendon at work about a week ago, i have a hard time making myself walk without out a limp, and even worse...i cant do squats.

    i can get my foot perpendicular to my leg. i cant pull pull up on my foot any higher with out it hurting, and i cant extend my foot past 45 degrees with out it hurting. the Achilles tendon is slightly swollen(not much) and a little red.

    when i do move it...i can almost hear/feel something inside there sliding/grinding against each other, but I'm not sure what that is cause its not a bone or anything .

    i thought it would be better in a few days, but after a week, its no even a little better at all, maybe even a little worse.

    is ther anythign i can do to help it heal faster? hot/cold packs?

    or just off some time for it to rest?

  2. Go to a Dr!!!

  3. yea your problaby right..i hate going to see the dr.

  4. Lay off it, ice it, and see a doctor asap.

  5. ive rolled my ankle many times you said you smashed not sure if its the same. But now i use a brace called active ankel its me everday staple once you strectch all of thoses ligements and tendons it is so easy to reinjure yourself

  6. My wife suffered from ankle pain and tendon soreness most of this past summer. She finally went to a Dr and they did an MRI. Turned out to be a torn Achilles tendon! She has no idea how she did it, and spent 4 months in one of those walking boots.

    Get to the Dr and have them do an MRI. It takes all the guess work out of what is wrong and what can be done to heal it up.

  7. I would get it checked out. I have had many badly sprained ankles from b-ball and badly sprained tendons and ligaments will mess with your range of motion from the inflammation. I also do a little brazilian jiu-jitsu and have my achilles tendon tweaked from a submission called the achilles lock a few times. All of the above will cause the symptoms you explain.

    Giving it time and icing it is the most important thing you can do. IMPO you have probably sprained your achilles and maybe torn a few ligaments in your ankle. You definately did not rupture your achilles. It would also help if you told EXACTLY how you smashed it. I can definately relate to this type of injury. To be safe get it checked out and report back.

  8. I'm a cart b*tch at Wal-mart, a machine was pushing about 25 carts and i accidentally stepped in front of it going full speed, smashing into the back of my foot right at my Achilles tendon area.

    no Dr, i have no medical insurance. i bought a cheap brace fro wal-mart, and have been still going to work, even though it still hurt like ****, but i got to deal with it cause its what I got to do. its slowly starting to be better, been taking DOLOBID, and softly massaging the tendon before bed everynight. been about a week an a half. i think your right. just got inflamed, the grinding sensation i was feeling i believe was from the juices(not really juices, but the swolleness, whatever its technically called)

    never realized how important this tendon really was, and how much it could impact my daily performance. doing alright though now , I'm guess should be fine in another week or so, its much better now

    merry f*kin x-mas guys.

    thanks for the input


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