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  1. #1 training tip

    If you could give someone with no knowledge of bodybuilding/powerlifting what so ever only 1 tip, what would it be?

    Mine- Either less is more or nutrition is underrated.

  2. Eat right and train hard simple as that.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    Eat right and train hard simple as that.
    Crap, no wonder I can't grow! I have been eating hard and training right, doh!

    Yup, #1,2 & 3 are diet, diet & diet. 4 on is training, rest & supplementation.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS
    Food+no training= 0%
    Training+no food= 0%
    Training+food= 100%

  5. sorry. I assumed the obvious. Since the title thread did say Number 1 training tip, i assumed training was being applied.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS
    sorry. I assumed the obvious. Since the title thread did say Number 1 training tip, i assumed training was being applied.
    Thats the thing. Its not obvious to everyone

    I REALLY started growing once I started visiting this site with all the healthy eating tips and such.

  7. be patient.

  8. i'd say leave the ego at the door. when ya walk in to the gym, its not about how much weight your moving, its about the form that you use.

    EX: i see tons of guys throwing more than they can handle on a curl bar or a bar bell and trying to curl it or barbell row it with terrible form.

  9. 1) eat right and train hard is key
    2) focus on your form and don't be the guy that uses high weight to try and show off and get nothing out of it.

  10. can i change mine ? lol

    I would say, and have said to friends first starting off, dont worry about how much you lift or what people think. You will make the best gains if you lift the right weight for you, with good form.

  11. squat...deep

  12. Pay attention to your nutrtion and get plenty of rest.

  13. The same thing I tell all of my clients:


    Exercise cannot be a brainless activity. Always practice good biomechanical technique, focus on the muscle group you are using, and CONCENTRATE on contracting the intended muscle(s). Other than that, just relax and take your time. Shortcuts are rarely lasting or worthwhile.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    Eat right and train hard simple as that.
    So simple yet so difficult for many to figure out

  15. its funny how many people we see work out in the morning and then go back at night becasue they think they are building muscle, when they are actually burning it. Women are generally doing that because they think they are over weight. You simply can't tell them that they need to eat more and work out less.

  16. research thoroughly

  17. Read an hour a day.

    editing: While eating

  18. I would first let them know the most important thing to know about BB'ing:

    Jayhawkk is ghey.

    Don't need to know much more than that.

  19. Go to Anabolicminds.com and read. That is a tip that keeps on tipping.

  20. 2 steps foreward, 1 step back for natural trainers.Overtraining is the biggest mistake I've seen in my 25= years of training.:bb2:

  21. 1) Its a marathon not a sprint.
    2) Gains will come, dont be discouraged. Dont give up because you dont see immediate results.

  22. Consistency is key, that seems to be my downfall.

  23. Stick with compounds stay away from the numbers game

  24. Find a gym that is close to home and enjoy yourself. Do not let training become a chore.


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