Training to failure on EVERY set?

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  1. I wouldn't take every set to failure mainly because of my CNS. When it comes down to it as some have said, everyones different. Things like progressive load, TUT techniques, and drop sets, all have their benefits. The key is to keep it fresh and keep your body guessing. Obviously nutrition is the other half of the puzzle.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    TS, SMD, do you guys vary your rep tempoes as I do? In terms of fibre difference?
    Yes. Not as much as I vary reps, but I try to mix up tempo as well. My "standard" tempo is explosive/fast concentric and 3-4 seconds eccentric. This is what I use out of habit when I'm not thinking about tempo. (And I virtually always use it on the first set of my first lift for a muscle group, since I use this first set to track my strength progress.) But sometimes I'll also do slower concentric or a really slow (8-10s) eccentric.

    I'm really not sure how different tempos affect different fibres. But I just assume mixing it up is best unless I learn otherwise.

  3. I had assumed that muscle groups were comprised of different fibres, and each fibre type would respond most favourably to differing tempos. I usually stick with a 2:2, but go with 3:2 and 2:1 for Ecc:Con


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