Here is my HIT workout ive been doing

  1. Here is my HIT workout ive been doing

    this is what ive been doing for about 3 weeks id say...the DC wasnt working for me a while back so i just switched to HIT

    Monday: Chest, Biceps/Forearms,Calves
    DB Bench RP
    DB Incline Bench RP
    Bench Flyes Widow Set

    (think im gonna switch to BB bench for a little bit now??)

    BB curls RP
    1 Arm Preacher Curls 2 Sets Forced Reps
    Preacher Curls 2 Sets Forced Reps
    Concentration Curls (Depends on stanima left)

    Forearm Curls Superset with Reverse Curls

    Seated Calf Raises
    Leg Press Raises

    Tuesday: Quads, Hamstrings
    Squat 2 sets
    Leg Press

    Leg Curl

    Wed: Off

    Thursday: Back Width, Back Thickness
    Deadlift (heavy Set, Light set)
    BB rows 2 sets
    1 Arm DB rows RP
    seated rows 2 Sets forced

    i want to eliminate either BB rows or 1 arm DB rows...but i cant decide which one is better?? im thinking BB rows

    Front Pulldowns 2 sets forced
    Rear Pulldowns RP
    Lat Pulldowns RP

    Friday: Shoulders, Triceps
    Shoulder Press 2 sets
    Arnolds RP
    Bent over Delt raises 2 Sets
    Front raises RP

    Skull Crushers RP
    Reverse Grip Bench 2 Sets
    Dips Widow Set

    ya thats it....all muscle groups are followed by extreme stretching

    got most of the stuff from Mark Dugdales workout

  2. no thoughts on if im heading the right direction and suggestions about my bench?

  3. no1? i figured out what to do on bench...BB flat 2 sets forced reps and then inclinde DB R/P (killing myself every workout!! lol)

    but ya...what about my back rows...1 arm or BB rows what would u think is a better exercise

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