Poll: When do you do deadlifts?

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Dead Lifts with back or legs?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous View Post
    Deads/Rack Pulls on Back Day.

    RDL's/SLDL's on Leg day
    That's me.

  2. i always do legs and lower back together.. so

    on my power week i do
    deads, then squats

    rep range week
    1/2 rep deads and squats.

    for some odd reason it works best for me this way and i still put up good numbers. everyone has there own way.

  3. sumo deadlifts with legs
    conventional with back

    you bodybuilders should really start doing sumo deadlifts, they will put tons of size on ur glutes and hams, and bring up ur squat

  4. Right now Im my Next Eight week routine My goal is to get a 405 Dead. Then Maybe next routine Might try the Sumo Dead. Anything to bring my squat up. Ive tryed this before and use a lot less weight than the RDL. and yeah it is felt in the hip area, it stretches it, makes it sore.

  5. I used to do them right after squats, but now that I have them on their own day (on a ab/cardio day...so much for the rest day :/ ) I can push it much harder. Before my legs would always shake like mad.

  6. there is no way i can mustard up the strength to do them on leg day

  7. What is the difference between a rack pull and conventional deadlift? It seems like the conventional deadlift is better because you're also using legs, where as with the rack pull, you're only completing 1/2 the ROM as a conventional deadlift because you're only using the back.

  8. you answered your own question.

    I did Deads today along with Calves. was going to do them with shoulders but used caution.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by mss07 View Post
    there is no way i can mustard up the strength to do them on leg day
    Yes you can. See your signature.

  10. Straight leg deads lifts on leg day.... Rack pulls on back day...

  11. I do them on "lift heavy stuff day". I will usually not deadlift and squat in the same workout, however.

    I also think its kind've strange that more than a couple people feel them most in their lower back. Glutes/hams can move a lot more weight, with proper form.

  12. Moved from back to leg day. Supersets of ATG squats and rack pulls. Back improving dramatically.


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