1. goodmornings

    anyone have any advice on how to do these without injuring yourself. they scare the **** out of me for some reason.

  2. Do a search, Beelzebub posted a link to a good Goodmorning video.

  3. there are a lot of variations to Good Mornings.

    You can do them with a somewhat limted ROM and go heavier, or you can go down to where you torso is almost parallel to the ground.

    You can also do a more stiff leg good morning, or you can bend your knees some in the bottom for a little more hamstring emphasis. You have to be careful not to bend too much when doing this and turn it into a crappy half squat.

    You can also do concentric good mornings off of the pins (or chains) in a power rack set at a particular height.

    Don't round your back, and start out light.

  4. start with a low weight untill you get used to it,

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