TALL, i cut but still with a gut..HELP

  1. Unhappy TALL, i cut but still with a gut..HELP

    Im a tall guy at 6'4. I was weighing 210 lbs. At 210 i was pretty lean and vascular. You can see my veins pretty ripped, but i had a gut righ around my naval area. I figured i would go ahead and cut and try and lose the weight, so i got on a good clean diet and increased cardio

    My cut cycle was for about 6-8 weeks. My bodyfat % as of this morning is down to 9.8%, weighing 195 BUT i still have that tire around my waist. Its so ugly. Now i dont want to keep dropping weight and become totally skinny. That 9.8% is all in my lower gut.

    Now im stuck to either keep dropping weight to get rid of that tire, or go head and clean bulk up again and cut again. If i decide to bulk whats the best way to minimize fat gain

  2. Have you tried using lipo+cap on your stomach. Might be what you need to get rid of that fat.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by VtecTypeR
    Have you tried using lipo+cap on your stomach. Might be what you need to get rid of that fat.
    Dont know what you mean by lipo + cap? Lipo 6 or liposuction?
    I cant takes stims so no Lipo6


  4. Lipoderm Ultra and capsaicin

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22
    Lipoderm Ultra and capsaicin
    I looked into the Lipo U
    I am very sensitive to stims since it kicks in some pretty bad anxiety attacks so i dont take stims anymore. Does this have the same effect as taking an oral stim since you just rub this one on or is it the same? If yes, are there alternatives?

  6. I, personally, have never used Lipo, but on the Avant Labs website it says it's "non-stimulating".

  7. Their both creams you put on your stomach.

  8. Both of those are local agents, so shouldn't have anxiety problems. It was specifically made for lean people trying to get rid of fat that just won't go. I'd give it a try on your next cut.


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