Running and Sprinting...

  1. Running and Sprinting...

    I know it seems to be asking for techniques on running because it is more or less get your ass up and go. But it's more specific in my case. If you ask me to get on a treadmill and run my ass at 6 mph for a half hour I can and have no problem with it. If you ask me to go run from here to the stop sign outside my house and back 2 times as fast as I can i want to hurl and not move for a day or 2. My sprinting is really lacking and although I'm pretty quick I get spent very quickly. My SSgt always makes us sprint during our trainings and I usually start out in thee front and slowly work my way to the back of the group and I know it's not because I'm pacing myself, because we are all running full speed the whole time. Do any of you guysh ave any techniques for sprinting that can help me overall. The only one i've done so far is gone to a parking lot and I would run from yellow line 1 to 2 back to one then to line 3 ....1-4-1-5-1-6-1-7 etc. It's a weird request but there has to be some type of way to train for sprinting. Thanks

  2. Try skipping bro....that should help!

  3. Originally posted by windwords7
    Try skipping bro....that should help!
    LMAO, I'm trying to picture my fat ass skipping, that would be fun to watch actually

  4. To train for sprinting you need to sprint. Running lines in the parking lot may help but do you actually get to full speed for a long enough time to simulate your DI's sprints? Go to the track, mark off a sprinting distance that you can do but will be taxing. Or if your DI has you sprint back and forth between "lines" then pick a set that equals your DI's. Now do sets and time yourself. Don't do so many reps that you cannot run full speed, you want to sprint. Increase your distance or reps gradually every few workouts untill your up to where you can keep up with DI's drill. After that, work on decreasing your time for the same distance. Good Luck, LOCO

  5. Skipping or Frolicking can help too.

  6. bump on the Frolicking.

  7. Originally posted by windwords7
    Skipping or Frolicking can help too.
    i can imagine the comments he'd get from his staff seargent, as well as the other guys he's running with if he started to frolick...roflmao.

    if you've ever seen an nfl lineman run after recovering a fumbled ball or he's intercepted a pass, thats about how i run...more a huff-n-puff kinda deal.

  8. Originally posted by msclbldrguy

    i can imagine the comments he'd get from his staff seargent, as well as the other guys he's running with if he started to frolick...roflmao.

    lol, i would get more then some comments

  9. LMAO.....frolicking!!

    "Son, what team are you playing for here?!" LOL


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