Help me out with a new and improved split/program

  1. Help me out with a new and improved split/program

    I'm 5'11 1/2 200. Very athletic, was a football player. Really just getting back into things. I've lifted a lot, just want to make sure I'm starting off with things right.

    MONDAY: Chest, Triceps
    Close Grip..8,6,4
    Skull Crushers..8,8,8

    TUESDAY: Back, Biceps
    LAT pulldowns..10,8,6,4
    Power Clean..8,6,4
    Bent Over Rows..8,6,4
    ***Bicep 21's..21, 21, 21***

    Squat/Deadlift.. 10,8,6,4
    Lunges..12, 12, 12
    Straig legged DLs..8,6,4
    Calf Raises..15, 15, 15

    THURSDAY: Shoulders, High rep bench
    Arnold Presses..8,6,4
    Push Press..8,6,4
    Bench Press..Failure, Failure, Failure


    ***Bicep 21's
    7 full curls
    7 top-halfway curls
    7 halfway-bottom curls

  2. Are you going for mainly strength or mainly size right now?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22
    Are you going for mainly strength or mainly size right now?
    I'd say both.

  4. It doesn't look bad to me. A few suggestions would be to add side lateral raises and bent-over lateral raises to shoulder day and take out the high rep bench unless you really want it in there, add in a pec flye to chest day, switch the 21's to barbell curls and only use the 21's every once in a while as a shocking technique, and add either standing or lying leg curls to leg day. IMO that's the best way to do it while keeping everything pretty straight forward.

  5. Yeah, add lateral raises on shoulder day. Otherwise, your routine looks pretty similar to one I used for a couple years (with very good results).

    Do you plan on sticking to those rep numbers exactly, or are you lifting to failure every set and just using those rep numbers as approximations?

  6. Those rep numbers are just estimates. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but not by much. Started chest yesterday. First time ive really used a 1 second pause on the flat bench. Hurts like a *****. Sooo sore.


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