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    I've read in a couple of places that it is periodically good for your body to take appx. 1 week off from training to allow your body a good long recovery span. I've got a 4 day camping trip planned this fall, during which I will have no access to any weights, equipment, etc. I was thinking this would be a good time to schedule a breather, however, I'd like some thoughts from others out there who have done this. Did you experience any significant strength/size losses - or was it actually beneficial to take a break? I'll be eating like a horse for the entirety of the trip, so lack of calories/nutrition won't be a concern.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. A break for me is usually 4-5 days long and it is usually a much needed one.
    Most of the time i come back stronger than ever and feel great, so i do it 3-4 times per year.
    A camping trip sounds like an awesome break from life, im in

  3. Of course man, I couldn't not take a week off from time to time, get a little "breather". I usually take a week off (4-7 days) every 4-6 months or so, and yeah it's nice if you can schedule it for certain vacations, trips, or events.

  4. Originally posted by mcQ
    I've got a 4 day camping trip planned this fall, during which I will have no access to any weights, equipment, etc.....
    Hmmm. Might that be Burningman

    Don't worry mcQ, all those miles peddling bikes has got to count for some kind of anaerobic work

  5. about every 6-8 weeks I take a week off, and when I come back to the gym I am ready as hell to be back and I feel a heck of a lot better

  6. I train HST and every 6-8 weeks I take 9-12 days off, a little break from training never hurts.

  7. 2 words...muscle memory

    it really does exist and it's very weird thing that the human body does. It's actually amazing..i would pretty much guarantee that you will not lose strength in the week you take'll actually come back and probably lift more

  8. i agree...a break every now and then is good. up until this year i really didnt take a breather then my body would just shut down....or i'd get sick and couldnt train. so i've planned for a coupla two week breaks...when i've come back no strength loss and it isnt long before i'm liftin heavier than i was before the break...
  9. AMG
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    I take a week break when I feel my body needs it. I always come back to the weight fresh and ready to go.


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