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    Last year I failed the the state trooper physical by one pushup, i was humiliated. Pushups have always been a problem for me. I need to do 21 I have 35 days before i take the physical again and i want to be ready and be able to do 30 or at least 21. Any advice will be greatly appricaiated.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Push-ups, in the up position hold it for as long as you can, this will give you some endurance. Also switch by going fast then slow. Give yourself a couple days between working push-ups and a couple days out from the test just stretch and don't work your chest/tris hard.

    This is meant as constructive criticism so don't get offended by what i'm going to say...

    If you can't do 21 push-ups then you should just wait another year and apply next year. It isn't about just passing but competing others who are wanting this job too. Just passing doesn't rank you higher and if your upper body is this weak you should want to improve on this prior to taking the test and entering the academy where PT will be a major part of training.

  3. No offense taken perhaps your right ill still give it a go though, cant hurt trying. I have a question though what is a good overall plan that would help me bulk up? I'm the skinny type and have no idea where to start when it comes to building muscle? The way I see it if i dont pass the pyshical which i problably wont or barely will i have a entire year to work on it.

  4. I would start by learning proper nutrition then following with training guidelines. All this can be found trhoughout the site by browsing their forums and also using the search function up top.

    You're going to have to plug a lot of numbers since this can't be a generic solution. Lifestyle, food allergies, budget, rough work hours, injuries, health issues etc. hit up the nutrition section first and take a look around on the importance of eating right including amounts, times etc.

  5. Listen to Jay - he'll teach you how to take a crap and broadcast it on the radio to the entire police force.

  6. Hey man! That only happened one time.

  7. I agree that you're probably not ready but go through the proccess anyways. the experience you'll gain going through the proccess will help you out when you finally are ready. And show you what you need to work on for the future.

  8. Just my 2cents, but I know what I'm talking about. The initial test is the "easy" part. If you can't pass that, there is no way your ready to go through the academy. I'm not trying to bust balls, but if you can't do 21 pushups, then for your sake (and others) you might want to reconsider this. Good luck!

  9. Is this a timed event? When I was in the army, we had two minutes to do as many pushups as possible for 100 points on out PT test. (82 PU's would net you 100 points in the young man age group).
    At the time, I had no problem maxing out before time was up. I practiced by doing as many correct PU's in 1 min as I could do. If I could only do 20,then I stayed in the "front leaning rest" position till 1 minute was up. I did this about 2-3 times a week with at least a day to rest in between as you will be sore the next day but if you stay with it you will be surprised how fast your endurance will rise.
    I don't know how long you have to get in shape but it may be wise as the others have said to wait awhile and get in better shape as some of my buddies in the NC state patrol say that patrol school was along the lines of boot camp. JMO!

  10. Oh yeah, forgot to add.Don't hold your breath while doing the PU. I have seen too many guys do this and run out of oxygen on their PT tests.(used to be the training NCO). I used to take in a breath while decending and breathe/blow out on the way up.It helps out alot.

  11. Yes Mastertech, it is do as many as you can in a couple of minutes. I've decided to wait till next year and get in shape. First off is getting out of janitorial and into a better job in the daytime. Trying to stay in shape on a nightime job with irregular hours is a nightmare.

  12. Davidjr,as the others have said,this sight is a gold mine of info if used.Join a gym and get on a regular training schedule and in a few months,you may surprise yourself. I was 6'1' and weighed 161 when I entered the service. After 6 years in and hitting the weights, I weighed 205 when I got out. It takes time but as Jayhawk said, nutrition is a big factor. Good luck in your future!

  13. Thanks!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Davdjr

    So how did it go? I can help you with push ups mate, I just took my Army PT test and did 86 in two minutes.

  15. Hey david. If you want some help bro...You can hit me up on aim: mattdubiin - If not then good luck gettin in shape man.

  16. what are some of the things you have to do on the test other than push ups

  17. Squeaks - long time, no see.
    Where you been, babe?

    Nice av.
  18. Are you going again the in 2008 selection?

    Quote Originally Posted by Davdjr View Post

    Last year I failed the the state trooper physical by one pushup, i was humiliated. Pushups have always been a problem for me. I need to do 21 I have 35 days before i take the physical again and i want to be ready and be able to do 30 or at least 21. Any advice will be greatly appricaiated.

    Thanks for your help!
    This is a pretty old thread so I don't know if you're still reviewing this or not but I want to encourage you get up to the very best physical shape you can before testing.

    I am going to test (hopefully) in January 2008 and my intent is perform 100 push ups / 48-52 set ups in one minute (time is my issue in this event not muscle failure) and run a 9-10 minute 1.5 mile. I PT everyday so this is simply my objective and compass bearing for what I intend to do. You should bring your absolute A game to this because they combine your PT Test score with your written test score to rank you.

    I get board just pushing so I get my kids to sit on my back while I push, I put my feet up on the chair, I do wide arm, diamonds, knuckles... Keep it interesting.

    Last thing: remember that the push up is one of the very best combative exercises you can do because it strengthens the muscles in such a way as to provide you explosive bilateral power so that you can push an adversary away or otherwise attempt to direct him with your upper body strength.

    Bottom line: don't get in shape to pass this test, get in shape to stay alive when you're all alone out there in the freezing cold after a 14 hours shift having to wrestle a drunk into the back of your patrol vehicle (or snowmobile or ATV or whatever).

    Hope to see you in January or serve with you if you've already made the cut...

    Sean R. Reagan


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