small joints

  1. small joints

    i have yet to see a "big" person with small joints....dont get me wrong i have seen some muscular guys with small joints but my question it even possible to get big with small joints? (i am talking reallyyy small bone structure, i have the puny wrists, chicken legs, thwe whole nine yards)

    -thank you

  2. powerlifter oleksander kutcher 5'2 competes in the 165s, being small has nothing to do with it

    870 squat

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    760 deadlift

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  3. I see, but I am talking about like puny wrists fro example, does this have anything to do with it? Like if someone has puny wrists and arm bones and almost no muscle on it, is it still possible to get big arms that dont look lanky?

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