rigged up weight attachments

  1. rigged up weight attachments

    hey guys, what do u all use to add weight to dips and such?

    i have this home-rigged piece of crap that is a pain in the a$$.
    especially when the weights are to big, bang off ur knees, fall off and smash ur tootsies, heh.

    any thoughts?

  2. At my gym the have a belt that you can add weight to. Just grab the plates attach them to your belt and hold the weight between your knees while doing dips. Thats what I do anyways



  3. i do my dips on a treadmill.. i have bars that come up and i do parallel dips on them..i curl my legs and put a 25 pound plate on them....killer....

  4. heh, thx guys . anyone else?

    i built a pair of saw horses with a strong foundation.(for when i dont have time to go to the gym.) i used them for dips before, but their not strong enough anymore. so now, i use them to spot me on bench's.

    i was thinkin that someone should make a belt that was wide and thick. and on the front, or even all around the sides their should be some pegs where u can hold plates, and then some kind of fastener for a lock of some sort. and if ur goin really heavy, u can put like a 45lb. plate on each of the 3 or 4 pegs. if needed.
    plus, for added support, their could be some suppenders or sumthin that would go over ur torso.

    good idea, huh? its ok, u can call me a genius.

  5. It'd be tough to fit multiple 45 pound plates around your waist...

    Belt, chain, plate. Works great, not complicated. =)

  6. I'm a fan of the belt, chain, and dumbells. In my experience, dumbells are easier to keep from swinging around than plates. JMO.


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