Hypothetical "minimal volume" routine for the busy/lazy

  1. Hypothetical "minimal volume" routine for the busy/lazy

    I'm tryin to design a very simple, quick routine for periods when I have trouble staying with a regular routine. I wouldn't plan on using it for more than a month or two. The goal would be to at least retain mass and most of my strength, if not gain some. I believe I'm still far from my natural potential, so I don't think it'll require a lot of volume to accomplish this. Most likely, I'd take a couple weeks off from training before starting this anyway, so I'd be well "deconditioned".

    It's basically a substitute for doing absolutely no workout at all.

    Here's my ideas so far:

    Day One:
    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
    Arnold Shoulder Raises

    Day Two:
    Pull Ups or Chins
    Deadlifts or Squats

    -Add isolation movements after these on days I feel like it(calf raises, curls, etc)

    Planning on just doing 2 days a week. Possibly combining all exercises on one day and doing it 1.5-2 times a week.

    Whatta ya think?

  2. You would be surprised how well that might work. My only suggestion is to add a ham exercise after squats, say, front squat then SLDL or good morning then leg press [for lower back safety]. The choice is yours. Two brutal work sets might be all that's needed for results.

  3. so you're deconditioning and then cruising for a month or two?

    Do you have rep/set schemes for the movements you have planned?

    If you can only get in 2 days a week, then go for it i guess. I would add a bit more volume though... but I understand your constraints.

  4. two days is better than none but it would be all the more important to make sure you didn't skip muscle groups. I had to drop down to 3 due to too many issues and it's worked well for the time being I had to use it.

    But as ubi said, I would up the volume.

  5. Don't get me wrong guys, ideally (I believe) I would have a lot more exercises and work every muscle twice a week.

    There are times though in the past when I've gotten busy with other things and simply went a couple months w/out training at all. Just seems like this little split would be miles ahead of doing nothing. Also, I usuallly go the gym to workout, but I have enough equipment to do these exercises at home (although squats & DLs are a pain). It'll take VERY little time to bust out 1/2 dozen sets before I shower.

    I'd probably start w/ something like 2-4 sets of 10 for each exercise and progressively add weight & sets & lower reps until I either get to 5 sets of 5 reps or I quit and get back into a full routine.

  6. That sounds ok. 2-4 sets of 10 for each is a good amount.

    I got away with hitting the majors once a week for a few years. Although that was called the "classic" 5 day split. lol

    If you keep to it, you'll be ok until you get your time management in order.


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