Need help with a routine!

  1. Need help with a routine!

    Hey guys im 19 and im just wondering if u can suggest any routines i can use for my bulking cycle. Before you flame me for not searching let me say i did try to search and i cant seem to find an answer to my question. Im not ready to use any steroids and most of the information on bulker routines is when somone is "on" cycle so please any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    a 5x5 would workout ok, but first let me ask, what kind of routines have you tried in the past, or are trying now?

  3. I've basically just stuck to the classic one body part a day once a week. Thanks again guys.

  4. You might want to try a push/pull/leg setup.

  5. I have not tried 5x5, but have heard nothing but positive feedback. Heres a link...Madcow Training - Table of Contents, 5x5 Programs, Dual Factor Theory, Training Theory

    You could also look into max-ot, I am having good results so far, even though i am only in week three. I have also heard good things about HST

  6. Ok guys thanks a lot I'm going to look into max ot, hst, and 5x5 to see whats best suites me and jumps out at me. Thanks for the point in the right direction....You guys Rock!!!


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