What exactly did I hurt?

  1. What exactly did I hurt?

    On the insides of my elbows, at the top, I've been having discomfort enough to keep me from any "pull" exercises for three weeks now. I think I must have gone too heavy with either reverse curl-bar curls or hammers. What exactly is it that I injured on both sides? Ligaments? Tendons? Could it be the actual muscle that's hurting all this time?

    Does Cissus or Omega Flex work for injuries like this? Or is Deca better? I've never had this particular injury before and I'd really like to get back to my "pull" exercises sometime soon...

    Thanks in advance...

  2. Bump for the people who haven't seen this in the "new post" list...

  3. tattoopierced1
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    sounds kinda like tendons. I'd get some Cissus asap and rest those arms so they can heal up.

  4. start some anti-inflamatory or maybe some of the joint pain gel/creams to rub into the area.

    worst case scenario is the old Cort shots.

  5. Man. One would think 3 weeks of rest would heal-up my tendons.. I suppose I'll just keep working around doing pulls like I've been doing..

    Thank you for the advice...

  6. Yup tendonitis, ice it and get some Cissus/Celadrin, i'd REALLY suggest that you get some deep tissue massage, use an ez-curl bar instead of a straight one on reverse curls and on pulliing rows/pulldowns don't let the weight fully extend your arms, this will agrivate the tendons when you've got tendonitis.

  7. how many sets of curls do you do? an ddo you squat?

  8. Oh boy. Tendonitits again? I just managed to get past the tendonitis in my forearms.. Jeez.. Well.. I have Cissus. And I have Celadrin.. I guess I'll start taking both.. I'm going to get some Deca in November. I guess that'll help the healing process as well..

    Man, look at that. I was trying to be careful doing a weakling 300mg/week Cypionate cycle, and I over-did it. I really am a kluts...

  9. you might not need all those supplements to fix the problem, how many setsxreps of curls do you do and do you squat

  10. Quote Originally Posted by guyfromkop2
    how many sets of curls do you do? an ddo you squat?
    Not including warmups, I do 4 sets of alternating dumbell curls and 3 sets of hammer curls. Sometimes I do 3 sets of concentration curls as well..

    I only use machines for legs... They call me half man, half calve...

  11. how many reps each?

  12. I do 8-10 reps on all my curling movements...

  13. so on a good day you do upwards of 100 curls? that's your problem right there, you're 34, it will just continue to hurt if you're doing that much volume. no need to do that. cut it back to 2x8-10 on db curls, 2x8-10 on hammer grips, that's more than enough. dont listen to these little kids on here, that's all you need

  14. and you need to do barbell squats

  15. Thanks.. It's not the first time I've been told that I overtrain.. I've even cut down a lot from what I used to do.. Man.. I enjoy lifting.. It's kinda sad that all I can do is 4 sets for biceps...

  16. Quote Originally Posted by guyfromkop2
    and you need to do barbell squats
    I know it's a stupid question, but.. Why?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Zero Tolerance
    I know it's a stupid question, but.. Why?
    because your upper body will stop growing if the lower body isnt worked. the bigger your legs get the bigger your upper body will get. the body will stop holding mass up top if the legs cant support it, it's basic nature

    and if you are sad about doing only 4 sets of bi's, then do HEAVY rows and HEAVY triceps. the rows hit your biceps hard and you get a back workout out of it, and the bicep is the smaller muscle in the arm it gets overtrained very easily, if you do HEAVY triceps it will make your arm look bigger. look at some of the big time strength athletes and bbers. if you read their logs(not the ones in flex magazine) they do heavy rows and little bicep work. their biceps get hit hard with the rows and that's all they really need to get there bi's to be big

  18. Hmm. Very interesting.. My legs still seem to grow even though I use machines, however.. I think I'm safe there.. When you talk about rows - you're meaning seated pulley rows. Right? I have to be careful with them. They make my heart feel funny - but I actually bend into it to hit my lower back (it's the bend-in where I get that odd feeling). Maybe I'll just keep my back stationary and do the rows like that.. I do get a nice bicep pump when doing rows...

    And my triceps definitely need work. I suppose when I get back to doing pulls, I'll work on heavier rows and until then, I'll just concentrate on my tris...

    Thanks for all the information!

  19. scared of the barbell squats?

    and by heavy rows i mean lat pulldowns, seated rows(keep back stationary), bent over rows, chest supported rows.......

  20. Not scared - I just don't enjoy doing legs as much as everything else. So, I just basically try to stay proportioned.. If I ever got into doing them, I'd be klumsy enough to blow-out my knees..

    As for pulldowns, okay - I do them. I've been going heavier and heavier - which could possibly have added to my problem.. I do seated rows.. I haven't done bent-over rows in awhile. Again, I have some odd heart issues (had surgery a few years ago) whenever my chest-area gets compressed, it feels funny. I used to love chest supported rows but I only have a t-bar now... I do them...
  21. tattoopierced1
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    just be careful man, especially if you've had heart problems in the past, keep a close eye on that seriously.


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