Workout for Xmass Mega trn cycle

  1. Workout for Xmass Mega trn cycle

    I'm starting my Xmass Mega Trn cycle on Monday and was looking for a good workout. This is my second time doing this, the first was a superdrol in the spring with great success. Although I don't think my current workout takes advantage of the cycle.

    I would like to do a 4 day a week workout. Right now I do 4 days with it being broken up into- chest-tris, back-bis, shoulders, legs.

    I really want to hit my shoulders hard on this cycle.

    I guess my biggest question is, since I'm taking the xmass and mega trn should I work out some body parts more than once a week?

    If anyone has any good suggestions on a workout I would appreciate it.

    FYI Im 34yrs old, 6" 195lbs Looking to tighten up and loose some inches on the waist.

  2. stay off everything for a month, go to your doctor and get your levels checked, chances are they are low since you're over 30 and you can get the real stuff on you prescription plan, stay away from all the $hit prohormones out there now

    taking this route will be cheaper, healthier, will produce bigger gains and safer for your body

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