Flat Bench vs. Incline Bench

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    Incline DB's is an excellent exercise, I did it for about 6 months straight a few years ago when I hurt my shoulder. Yes the studies on steroids are definitely not right, and I'm sure not done correctly - I'll try to locate them it's been a few years since I saw them. I was saying emg does show decline producing the most pectoral muscle fiber recruitment, but imo does not cause the largest muscular gains. Personally I can't do decline bb or incline bb - both bother my shoulders. However I can do incline db's or decline db's but flat db's bother me..weird huh?
    Yea it would be hard to quantify a study on decline vs. flat for muscle hypertrophy.. too many variables. Some guys i know swear by them..

    That is weird.. i think a lot has to do with the restriction of the shoulder complex when using the barbell. The hands stay at a fixed distance, which i feel is just not a natural/optimal kinesthetic motion. As far as not being able to do flat db's, you got me. Probably a variation of structural factors that are specific to you. Ive learned that it always depends
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  2. Arnold loves incline dumbells

  3. Do what your body is designed to do....if pushing straight out feels better-er than pushing downward a bit, then do flat instead of decline. If pushing upwards is best, do inclines.

    Dips and decline *should* feel the most natural as far as using your chest to push your arms out straight.
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    Which should be stronger?

    I have been told that your flat bench should be stronger than your incline, but I am the other way around.

    Which would generate more size?
    Well it would be wierd for your incline bench to be stronger than your flat. Whoever told you that is pretty stupid.

    In terms of generating more size, that depends on a persons genetics and the exercises are completely different.

    As flat bench focuses more on your lower pecs and triceps, incline would hit more upper chest with shoulders AND triceps.

    So in terms of all around mass, id day incline bench. But for chest mass, thats a persons genes.

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    Read the ****ing study, dumbass. The incline press applied more pressure to the shoulders than it did the pec, the flat bench worked the compromise of both heads better.

    And what does Obama have to do with anything? You are bringing him up in bodybuilding posts.
    King Wrong,

    How dare you say Incline is a useless exercise, your just pissed cause you cant do it


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