Ectomorphs or Hardgainers here, what's your routine?

  1. AlexParty
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    Any Ectomorphs or Hardgainers here?

    I'd like to know some of your workout styles cos I'd like to compare it to mine. Thanks guys.

  2. MaxOT at the moment.

  3. 3 DAY HIT TRAINING focusing on compound exercises such as squat-dead-rows-presses, a clean bulking diet with lots of protein , I really need it.
  4. AlexParty
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    Hey Raul, what do you consider a clean bulking diet??

  5. HST is a training style I posted the link if you want to check it out.

  6. I use B-O-N-E style I sort of do my own thing. It seems to work so far cause Im up to 222........... not too bad for an ectomorph huh


  7. AlexParty
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    Bone that's crazy! Great work on gaining man, keep it up...or should I say cut it down . I guess I will try the GVT training while "on"

  8. max-ot

    I am up 17lbs and nearing the end of the 12 weeks
  9. AlexParty
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    Ya draven told me about max-ot. Hmm I might give it a try when I'm not on an AAS.


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