Dammit, I rolled my wrist in the gym today

  1. Dammit, I rolled my wrist in the gym today

    I never knew you could roll your wrist while benching, but damn it hurts. Probably hurts worse than a sprained ankle (even typing is a bitch). Anyone ever wear wrist wraps while benching? Do they do ****? I always thought they looked kinda dorky, but after tonight I may reconsider.

  2. if you plan on continuing benching, for the time being you should definitely think about wrapping your wrist IMO. just a sturdy sport wrap will do, yeah. tight as **** though, don't forget... really, I personally think the best thing to do would be to wrap it, and use DB's instead, with a parallel grip so that your wrists aren't pronated while you're pressing, but instead are in their more natural position. of course ice as well. good luck with that **** bow.

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