sore joints

  1. sore joints

    I have recently started workingout again after a 10 to 15 year absence. (married and kids) I've been at it for about three months. Lately my elbows, knees and rotator cuffs are sore. being 35. I'm figuring that this from combination of not being used and age. anybody experiencing this or are there any suggestions

  2. If your looking for a supplement to help, you might want to try cissus. It has helped my shoulder immensly.

  3. warm up more and buy some rehband knee sleeves to help the knees. they work wonders

  4. Here is a list of common muscular imbalances and some corrective exercises, take a look through it

    Common Muscular Weaknesses

  5. my best advice would be to work your way up slowly and like the others said try some glucosamine and chondroitin that should help lub the joints



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