Leverage Squat Machines....Opinions?

  1. Leverage Squat Machines....Opinions?

    My knees have always been bad, but at the moment I'm recovering from messing up my left knee even more than usual. After about 6 weeks I went back to normal squats, but I think I went back too soon, so it got messed up again. After about another 6 weeks of rest on the legs I decided to try out the leverage squat machine....this thing rocks!

    I have much more control over my glutes, hams and quads. I feel like I can push much harder while on this machine. Yes, I know that it might not be the best for form, but with my bad knees I'd rather play it safe. I know squats done right should not hurt your knees, but I just can't really push my limits when I have to worry about my knee. The only reason I hurt it was because I went down way too fast. Other than that one time after warming it up it never really hurt much with wraps on for heavy sets.

    So after making you read this long a** thing my question is: What would I lose from sticking with the leverage squat machine after my knee fully heals. The only thing I don't like right now is that the pad the I have to stand on isn't wide enough for the wide stance I like, but other than that all is good. Also, since I have bad knees, would wearing knee wraps all the time during squats lead to bad things?

  2. leave the machine alone, do regular bar squats, it's a form issue if your knees are hurting. just get someone(preferably a powerlifter) or post a clip and someone will critique your squat form. you're only 21, i know guys who have completely blown out there knees, are over 40 and are squatting over a grand. and knee wraps are good when you go heavy(over 400) but when you are under invest in a pair of rehband knee sleeves, they are expensive but worth every penny.

  3. Ok, I think I'll give my knees a little more rest and then I'll slowly head back to the bar squats.

  4. wrap your knees and SQUAT

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