Hey guys, I've been preparing to start a 5x5 routine but I'm having trouble deciding which scheme is best, there are a ton of different types (body-part splits, full body 3x/week, same weight for all 5 sets, increasing weight each set, the "wave" type where weight goes up and down each set). I've tried searching on here, but I can't figure out a way to search 5x5 (tried 5x5* but I think it's still too short of a search string or something). I was hoping you guys could either point me to a thread that's already covered this well, or post some links to the programs you prefer, or just outline variations you use and like. Sorry if this has been beaten to death, I really can't find a lot of info on it other than googling it which gives me a ton of totally different and contradictory info. I'm going for strength and size and have been doing a max-ot type thing for the past year but want to move to something with fewer isolation exercises (even if it means squatting 3 times a week, ). Right now I'm looking at a program where:

Monday - squats, bench, deads
Wednesday - lat pulls, shoulder press, squats
Friday - rows, incline bench, squats

Any thoughts, suggestions, preferences appreciated. Thanks for the help.