need help with my routine

  1. need help with my routien

    I want to put together a new routein how does this look

    day 1 chest/back
    flat BB press 3x6-8
    incline DB press 3x6-8
    decline DB press 2x6
    pec dec 3x6

    wide grip pull ups 3xfailure
    DB rows 3x6-8
    hammer strenght high rows 3x8
    shrugs 3x10
    low pulley row

    day 2 rest

    day 3 bis/tris
    narrow bench 3x6
    skull crushers 3x6
    pully rope pull downs 3x6
    dips machine 3x6

    seated ezbar curl 3x6
    incline DB curl 3x6
    ezbar preacher 3x6-8
    cable curl 3x6

    day 4.shoulders abs
    DB press 3x6-8
    side lateral raises 3x6x8
    upright rows 3x6-8
    reverse peck deck (don't know corect name) 3x6-8
    3 ab machines sets of 10-15

    day 5 off

    day 6 chest/back

    day 7 rest

    day 8 bis and tris

    day 9 shoulders abs

    day 10 rest

    day 11 chest/back

    As for as legs... I can't do them right now, i recently had ACL reconstruction and my Dr hasn't released me to do any lower body except for physical therapy which i go to 1-3 times a week

  2. How long have you been working out. Are you gonna be using ph/aas? What are your goals?


  3. i will be using T-1 pro, I want to pack on some musle, especialy my chest and.... well i guess everything.

  4. bump

  5. Originally posted by Zack
    Try GVT, you don't appear to have enough volume for using an androgen.



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