HST gains for heavier lifters

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by mastertech
    CDB, could I possibly get you to post that zip file one more time or e-mail it to me. I have a panasonic toughbook that I use for work that I would like to put it in but it has no cd drive on it. It would be easier for me to just pull it off the web. Thanks.
    By the way, I am 2 weeks in my first HST cycle and already notice the size increase in my legs. Even my wife has noticed.I also have gotten more "cut" in my abs. I must say that so far I am impressed.
    It's on a different computer. I'll get a hold of it tomorrow though and send it via email. Go to your profile and set your email, Ill get it from there.

  2. I think I put it in but I don't see it under the public profile so I'll just put it here just in case....

  3. here you go.. also using this type of workout you will always be able to do more. Usally during the first week. You will also be tempted to want to add more excersises to your routine. It is tough to make the mental chang e to not do that. When i first started doing hst i was doing flat, incline and dips for chest. Now all i do is incline and i am seeing better gains. I would recommend staying with the rep sheme. i'm doing 5's at the moment and i can do more reps with the weight i am using but i don't. Your body will be effected by the change in reps and the change in weight, even if it is lower that what you were doing the week before. On a side note Max-Stim really is working for me. I am using it on squats, claves, shoulder press and shrugs. On squats my legs feel it for days and are really responding to it.... good luck guys...
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  4. Thanks, JB. I didn't want to take the Doc's anti aging study down to post the sheet again. You saved us.

  5. Thanks JB! I got it. Thank you CDB for trying.
    JB, you must have been reading my mind. Every time I could do extra, I have been doing it. Today I finished my 8 rep micro-cycle maxes and all I can say is "ouch". I have been doing squats,deads,flat bench in that order and 2 sets of each about wears me out.Then I was doing incline DB,rows,military press,weighted dips and some isolation bicep curls. I feel like I've been through the ringer afterwards.I have actually lost about 2-3 lbs. After today I wondered if I was doing too much but not sure what to cut out. Thinking about the Incline DB for right now.
    I was set up to do 3 sets during the 5 rep cycle, would this be about right or too much?
    BTW, how many sets of the max-stim are you doing per bodypart?

  6. 1 excersise per chest will work great either incline press or dips. For max stim One set period. You may not feel it like you normally would after doing squats but wait till the next day or the day after that and you will. A deep muscle feeling.. it works and good luck...

  7. mastertech.. How are you doing? Just checking to see how the program is going...


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