max ot workout?

  1. max ot workout?

    Am I stupid? (don't answer that) Cuz I hear about this max ot workout but i've searched on here and and can't find anything that tells you what it is, only people talking about how great it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  2. ok so i started the max ot workout and it goes against everything i know and that has ever worked for me. i haven't even gotten through one cycle of it yet but i just wanna hear what everyone thinks about it?? thanks in advance.

  3. anyone?

  4. I recall it as a fairly basic, low volume, low rep program. I'm ectomorphic and was training too hard and not counting calories then. I believe the program brought my energy expenditure below what I was eating, creating a surplus. Consequently I made gains on it. I think there are better programs for intermediate and advanced lifters...

  5. I think it is a great program for a strength and size hybrid. I don't use a Max-OT scheme, but I do apply its principles within my training. One element I think that they forget to emphasize is TUT because I think that some use very loose form while training this heavy and are not really hitting their target muscle group.

  6. Max-OT is really a kind of bringing together some basic principles of PLing style training and making it a strict program to follow. The basic premise of the program definitely works I've done it for years, it's definitely worth a try. If nothing else you may learn something and be able to apply it to your w/o's in the future! I don't like to follow anyones program, but I'm always learning new ideas from these programs and am able to adjust my personal custom program and continue to forge forward!

  7. it says in the max-ot workout to follow it very strictly, i like doing the low reps high weight, i feel like that'd work well, but can i add in more exercises rather than the max of 9 sets they allow? i don't want to over train, but on the same note i don't wanna short change myself. p.s. i'm 6'2" about 180lbs 12ish bodyfat intermediate training level, goals are to increase size and strength, currently about to start week 3 pp/drol...thanks

  8. If your doing it properly you won't be able to add sets, if your still feeling good you need to increase the lbs

  9. for example today i did incline bench for three sets (6reps, 4reps, 4reps) then flat bench for three sets then fly' says in the max ot directions everywhere i read that you should feel like you can do more but you shouldn't...for me, and i'd assume most people, you can either put up the weight or you can't, but 9 sets won't make you sore so even if you go to the absolute max for 9 sets of 4-6 reps you are almost definitely going to be able to do more.

  10. Take your sets to the brink of failure, in other words you barely get the last rep and you know there is no way you'd be able to do another, you haven't completly failed but you are very close. 9 sets is a lot for one muscle group and you should definitely be able to put a hurting on. JMHO

  11. i think i am just used to overtraining, today i feel a little sore in my chest but not a debilitating soreness like i'm used to. Does this mean I worked out just the right amount since I'm sore but not too sore?

  12. Soreness is not a very accurate indicator! Just give it a few weeks and see how it goes for strength and size changes!

  13. yea that's what i'm going to try...say i was making great gains lifting back the way i do, but plateau on chest can i do max ot for chest and stick to what i was already doing for back? Or should i do max ot across the board? thanks for advice.

  14. Can anyone compare this to DC? So far DC is the best i've tried hands down.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by R_Alan1
    yea that's what i'm going to try...say i was making great gains lifting back the way i do, but plateau on chest can i do max ot for chest and stick to what i was already doing for back? Or should i do max ot across the board? thanks for advice.
    Definitely customize to fit you! None of these premade w/o's are 100% perfect for individuals, the advantage of trying them is to find what works well for you. Follow it verbatem for a couple months then adjust to meet your needs.

    Chaps, this is not much like DC but may be a good change when you reach a plateau with DC. I looked DC over but have never had much luck with that type of w/o, just goes to show we all respond differently!


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