1. Vascularity

    I have been bodybuilding for about 3 years now. i have gained a great deal of weight however my vascularity is nothing like i would ahve expected it to be by this time. i think that the vein traveling up the length of your bicept is important to have as a sign of good vascularity. at first i thought that i had to high of a body fat percentage then i relized that i had seen people in the gym with clearly greater amounts of body fat than my self and i have an average amount for my age and hight, and tehy still had better vascularity than me. i have been taking n.o. xplode for about 1.5 years now and tried stacking it with nitrix, akg, and many other products in order to increase my vascularity. i was wondering if anyone had any advice weather it be a supplement or way of training to build better vascularity. thanks

  2. could just be your genetics bro. some have veins here some have there. Its really about water retention and body fat % along with a tan that matters.

  3. Vascularity has to do mostly with BF% and genetics.

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