HIIT frequency?

  1. HIIT frequency?

    Currently doing HIIT 3x/week. Normally I'll use the treadmill and do a 5 min warm up followed by 15 minutes of intervals then finish up with a 5 min cool down. Is HIIT better than traditional cardio for cutting up? Should one alternate days of HIIT and traditional cardio? Is it ok to do HIIT in the morning before breakfast?

  2. Here's a link to one of Alan Aragon's articles that T-bone2 posted. It should give you much of the info you're looking for: Myths Under The Microscope: The Low Intensity Fat Burning Zone & Fasted Cardio - Bodybuilding.com Forums

  3. Good link! Thanks!

  4. That was a great mutha f'n link! It answered all my questions about low vs high intensity and cardio on fasted or nonfasted state. Awesome!

  5. Good link, man.



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