Doint GVT only on one body part?

  1. Doint GVT only on one body part?

    I am going to try just doing GVT on my chest. What do you guys think of this?Has anyone ever tried this? Talk to ya
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  2. should definitely make for good chest workouts don't see a problem bro, considering of course the rest of your workouts are arranged to suit the increased stress on the chest (how's the chest improvement coming by the way?)

  3. I've done it for legs only. Worked for me, especially since my legs have a harder time responding thus I have to change them up more so than other bodyparts.

    I found that mixing low volume and high volume workouts is actually really helpful on the supporting muscles. In your case, your tris may actually develop faster because they are getting a high volume workout on the GVT chest days and a low volume workout on your tricep workout days. You are confusing the **** out of your triceps, so they adapt and grow.

  4. Chest si still lagging but hopefully this will help.. I will try to keep you guys posted.. TTY
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  5. Yeah you can do it on just chest or just legs and get results.
    But the best results would be seen doing a full GVT program, and androgen and eating and resting properly.

    Come on curt, go balz out. You will not be sorry.

    The Full anabolic effects of GVT require an all out attack IMO.

    Why piss up wind ? LOL


  6. i've done gvt on a five day split training each bodypart separately
    i'm in and out the gym in under 30mintues
    if its done right that short period in the gym should be a real good ass kicker


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