T.U.T.: What timing do you use?

  1. T.U.T.: What timing do you use?

    I've just recently changed from a hypertrophy volume training to time under tension. As it seems to be a popular method with some of the members here, I knew it was something special!

    Yesterday I did my first TUT workout. I worked my back, and I must say, today I am quite sore. I was using a 4 second negative, 2 second positive, 1 second pause. I found it was a timing example on an article I read.


    I was wondering, what timing scheme do you TUT guys use? Long positives? Also, if anybody has any good links to articles about TUT please feel free to post them!


  2. Going longer than 3 seconds IMO isn't any more benficial. Most of the lit that look at isometrics confirm this. Using more than a 2 second concentric won't do much either.

    All you really need to do is vary it form 2-3 seconds negative and 1-2 second positives. Just don't use the same ranges everytime. Vary it each week.

    Don't use them with any heavy compund movements either. Do those are your comfort pace (which is around 1-2 seconds for most).

    TUT isn't a program either, just a concept of every training program. All it is altering rep times to achieve different results. OL'ers use very low TUT while BB'ers use a higher one. Every program uses it.
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  3. Cool, very informative post Bobo. Thanks!

  4. Good info. I needed some clarification on that. I really like TUT and am just ending 5 weeks of it with decent results. It really has brought my delts up to speed amongst other things.

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