German Volume Training while natural

  1. German Volume Training while natural

    I did a quick search on German Volume and found a few hits, it seemed like most of the people who had experience with German Volume were on cycle when they tried it. I am too young (18)for steriods or PH's but am still interested in trying a German Volume routine. Is this a bad idea? I have fairly average recovery I like to think. If my diet is good (3000+ cals) and I am getting enough sleep (8+ hours) will I be okay? I'm a bit worried about overtraining and not making any gains.

  2. I think the overall consensus on GVT is that it is best used to shock a lagging body part once in a while. Unless you have freakish recovery ability it is unlikely to produce mass gains if used all the time. Even AAS users have a hard time with this style.

    Time Under Tension (TUT) style training has proven to be far more effective, particularly for naturals. Search it up on this board, there's a few threads. It is one of my favorite training styles.

  3. Few years ago I tried a modified GVT. Basically it was a gvt with fewer sets. It did work very well for few weeks (2-3 weeks). And I was natural.

  4. What Bioman said is correct TUT is better overall but if your diet is in check you should be able to get 4-5 weeks out of it depending on your recovery ability - a creatine + BCAA combo will help you out a lot during this . Even if you feel great after 4 weeks (unlikely if your working hard enough) you should stop and switch it up - this type of training is pretty hard on your CNS as well as your joints.

  5. Thanks for the responses. I am going to try it for 5, 5 day cycles, then take 3 weeks off GVT on a basic 4 day split, then depending on how the first 25 days went I may try phase 2 of GVT for another 25 days. I am taking creatine right now and may pick up some BCAA's soon.

    I am going to try a TUT routine in the near future though, probably 2 months or so, I have a lot more reading to do about it before I start, plus I want to give the GVT a try.



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