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    Anyone have a Bow Flex? I go to a gym which is about 5 miles from my home. I wanted something to do when I don't feel like going to the gym to lift. I am thinking of getting a bowflex (the basic one). Since I am female, I feel that I won't need to update the rods to heavier rods. I want it to stay and get more toned.

    Any opinions out there?

  2. IMO, 5 miles away from a gym is nothing. that's hardly an excuse to not go. as for bowflex, i 'hear' they break easily. whether or not, they were being used correctly is something i don't know. and getting 'toned' is your diet and training, not your choice of equipment.

  3. I'd be more inclined to recommend the bowflex dumbells or powerblocks. relatively inexpensive, you have a wide range of weight you can use, and takes up like a 10th of the space of regular dumbells
    Overview: Bowflex Dumbells from Nautilus

  4. Amen Beelzebub...

    Given that, here is my review on that style of equipment...

    About 4 years ago I bought the Weider version (crossbow). I liked it while I was using it and it did work to improve my strength through resistance. After using it for a few months I went to a gym with a friend... I actually surprised myself with the strength I had acquired with it.

    Towards the end of that first year though I began to get more serious about putting on weight so I moved to free weights. I still have my crossbow and actually use it for some finishing moves or warm ups.

    I think as a beginner home gym, it is pretty good. I liked the versatility and you could get a descent workout from it.

  5. I bought one for my wife I think she was up late one night watching them being pimped on an infomecial and she had to have one,so long story short I now have a $2000 place to put my towel and water bottle while I use my power rack.The resistence is totally not accurate and the negative is non-existant.I have to admit I've only used it a few times and am completely biased to free weights, but I wouldn't recommend one.

  6. Thanks for replying everyone. I guess I won't get a bow flex just some free weights and a bike trainer for the bike in my garage that I hardly use. The trainer will turn the bike into a great exercise machine. With the traffic the way it is in the ATL, I have a pocket in the morning and evening to leave my home and make it to the gym before rush hour. Unfortunately, I am not going against the traffic. Even 5 miles could take 45 minutes if I don 't time it right. :chick:

  7. I admit it.....I own a Bowflex Extreme. It is possible to obtain gains using this device. Earlier posts were right. Diet and other factors play an important role, but I feel the equipment is worth what I gave for it. The powerblocks or select-a-weight dumbell may be a great choice for a home gym, but I really enjoy having access to the "Lat Pull" station that is now in my office courtesy of my Bowflex. End of Commercial. By the way, good luck putting together your home gym.


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