Muscle Size, Height, Max Output Coralations?

  1. Muscle Size, Height, Max Output Coralations?

    I was just reading some recent threads and a questions came about that I found intriguing that I thought some of you guys could help me out with. I wasnt exactly sure where it would fit into so I figure dexercise science would be the most appropriate.

    When it comes to muscle power (max output) does muscle size determine this soley or do other factors play a role in it (neglecting mind set and I guess pain thresholds.) To clarify what Im saying is if 2 men with the same stats (same height, and weight [give or take a pound], but the muscle being used [in a isolated exercise like concentration curls] is the same size and same mass) does this mean that these two men have to lift close to identical weights or are there other factors other than the muscle size that come into play at a molecular or non visual aspect?

    I was just curiouse because I was thinking if a guy who is 5'10 has a 16 or what ever sized bicep for example and then there is a guy who is 6'4-6'5 with a 13-15in bicep can the power output be relaticly the same because the muscle is expanded out due to the increased size of the bone and so on?

    I tried to make it as clear as possible and if I get a "look it up yourself" answer Ill understand as this could potentially be very complicted but I figured Id give it a shot.

  2. Muscle size does not determine muscle power as there are different kinds of muscle fiber. The height factor is this- the shorter you are the shorter your movements are and the more you can lift for your muscle size, the taller you are the longer the movements are and the less you can lift for your size. That is my understanding of it.

  3. Muscle size obviously matters but two people could have identical builds and one could be way stronger or weaker than the other. It basicaly comes down to the nervous system. When you lift something not all of your muscle fibers fire. The better the person is at recruiting muscle fibers the stronger they are. This is why you can get alot stronger without size gain with low reps.

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