what weight??

  1. what weight??

    i havent beeen lifting that long, maybe about 6 months, just wondering what sort of weight i should be expecting to be able to lift, at the mo i can comfortably rep about 70kg on bench press, and about 27kg arm curls, do these weights sound about right, im 6ft and 13 stone.

  2. hmm not sure on the measurments (only second time in my life I have heard stone used ahah)

    theres no real determined weight you will be lifting just based on weight its more touch and feel and trial and error. Start out with a low weight that you know you can do and work you way up until you feel your self working hard and those last reps really count

  3. ok then 85kg lol

  4. some factors to consider are your diet and training routine/style. imo, there is significant growth during the first few months because your body is stimulated like never before and so it grows, and strength also increases slightly so you can lift heavier.

    can you post diet/training routine?
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