anybody else training instinctively

  1. anybody else training instinctively

    Hi guys I was in a rut and just recently went back to a style that worked great for me in the past. I think Lee Priest said he does this type of training also. I don't follow a set exercise rep weight scheme. Just whatever I feel like working out that day I will as long as that muscle has had 48-72 hours rest. I don't count reps or sets I just work. I may go high weight low reps one exercise and burn out high reps on another.


  2. I've done it before and enjoyed it a lot, I kept my main exercises (dead/bench/squat/row) and the rest I just did what I felt like, definately a mental boost.

  3. Are you experiencing gains training this way?

  4. I just started up again but yeah when I did train that way i got good gains. I also keep a few basic like I will do bench on chest day then rotate whatever else i feel like inclines declines flyes. Back day i keep wide grip lat pull downs and whatever else. arms. barbell curls and rope pushdowns. But not being stuck on a set exercise or schedule gives me more freedom. Maybe i feel like hammer curls instead of incline curls or seated calf raises instead of standing i can do it.

  5. I was meticulous with logging workouts for almost a year. It became tedious, so I trained instinctively. It was great for about a month, at which point I hit a quick plateau. I think what happens is there is a tendency to just keep doing the favorite exercises. It works for me for a few weeks at a time, but I wouldn't do it all the time. I know BigPete said he's been training by feel for a long time, and he is a beast, so I think it depends on the individual.

  6. I used to train like this, but that was before I knew of the basics and what things you should be doing everytime. I'd just go in do some bench, some curls, press downs and crap like that, all the small show muscles you have. lol, no wonder I never gained anything, I also never watched what I ate or tried to eat a lot. Eating more in the day came down to me eating a bowl of cereal before

  7. It may be nice to throw this training style in once in a while but for the most part you need to have a plan when you go in the gym. Fail to plan and you plan to fail brothers.

  8. This only worked out for me when I first started and gained around 20lbs of muscle in a year. Second year SUCKED because of this type of training. Then I found this website and my training has been great ever since.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    It may be nice to throw this training style in once in a while but for the most part you need to have a plan when you go in the gym. Fail to plan and you plan to fail brothers.
    Yeah I hear you. I have every workout from Dec 1st 2005 until Aug 1 2006 logged date exercise reps sets lbs cardio etc. Plus i've been on cycle so i've logged every pill, supp etc. and then logging every thing I eat I have just gotten tired of logs.

    I am sure I will go back to set workouts etc when I have a comp coming up but for now while I don't have anything in the near future I want to take some of the mental strain off working out and just have fun in the gym again.

    Thanks for all the replys and suggestions i appreciate the input


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