One arm, leg, or side of the body lacking what to do?

  1. One arm, leg, or side of the body lacking what to do?

    What is a good way to bring up my left arm i feel is laggin behind my right a little? How do I go about this without overtraining?

  2. how tall are you, how much do you weigh, how much are you eating?

  3. 6'2" 198 lbs im eating 4 large meals and at least 3 small ones each day. id say no less than 3500cals but i dont count. Now i dont know if it is from being right handed, teen masturbation, or just trying to blow up my right bicep before going to my 1st year middleschool, but my right bi & tri look more muscular than the left. I will measure them at home today when i get off work.

  4. It's a common problem Advice I've read before is to do exercises that require you to use both sides simultaneously e.g. barbell/e-z curl bicep curls instead of dumbbell bicep curls. It may slow down the progress of your strongest side but it could mean less difference between left and right.

  5. i already thought of that but i was thinking that the strong side would just pull more keeping the weaker side just that, weaker. wait that doesnt make sense does it? im confused...

  6. I think you meant that the stronger side would do more of the lifting rather than both sides splitting the load equally. Which is a good point, I suppose you could just lower the weight you use on your stronger side to allow the weak side to catch up.

  7. makes sense. do/did you have the same problem?

  8. do you plan on competing in bbing? if not then just keep doing what you're doing, you're body will catch up, not everyone can be perfectly symetrical

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    makes sense. do/did you have the same problem?
    My left arm lags by around a half inch, it's quite annoying.

  10. no competting here.

    i think im laggin half an inch on the left too. my right bicep peak is freakin crazy! hence the name piston pump, kinda.

  11. Focus on contracting your left bicep as you lift. When you have a good mind/muscle connection going you can really feel it and just constantly focus on building that muscle up as hard as you can. With that being said, it will take a long time to left trap is bigger/more defined then my right. Kinda sucks....I think its because my left shoulder is naturally rolled forward more then the right. Again, it sucks but theres not too much you can do about it. I used to do 150 shrugs with my right arm every other workout in an attempt to even them out. Still different sizes.

  12. im off by a 1/4 inch but the peak is way more crazy on the right. I think you are right Boss K about the mind muscle connection because when doing concentration curls at an early age(when i devoloped the peak) i really focused when i did the right side. I'll give that a shot. Focus more on the contraction on the left bi.

  13. I was off by 1/2 to 3/4 inch and everything I read said don't worry about it, as you grow your body will catch up and it will even out. Guess what they were right, my bis are now "Even Steven" took friggen 10 years but they are the same, I never did anything to try and bring it up though.

  14. This thread reminds me of the movie "Lady in the Water", where a character deliberately lifts weights on only one side of his body, for an 'experiment' ... with graphic manipulation, its one of the humorous quarks of the movie.

  15. I have the same problem, my left side of my body is more muscular. My left tri, bi and lat is bigger.

  16. im currently doing couple extra reps on arm day for the laggin side. seems like it will take time but im pretty sure it will even out eventually.

  17. just lift like you normally do, a half inch is invisible to the normal human being, especially if you arent competing, you're body will catch up

  18. Quote Originally Posted by guyfromkop2
    just lift like you normally do, a half inch is invisible to the normal human being, especially if you arent competing, you're body will catch up
    i agree. i think you said this before many times...some of us are more self concious about thing like that. im only off a 1/4 inch but its just the cut/peak of the right that looks off but hey, its really not a big deal to me anymore.


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