ouch my forearms!!!

  1. Unhappy ouch my forearms!!!

    ive been having problems with my forearms lately. it seems like when i do some types of curls, like outside preacher curls with the ez bar or use the straight bar for curls, after about 4 weeks, my forearms begin to get really sore. im pretty sure its hairline fractures. i have to then go to dumb bell curls or a machine for a few weeks, then the process starts all over again once i hit the preacher curls. id really hate to stop preacher curls because biceps are my favorite muscle to work and the preacher curl is my favorite exercise. i recently finished a cycle of 1-ad and put up 100lbs 3 times on an inside ez bar on the preacher bench. that is a high for me. i was wondering if there are any type of supplements i could take to help? any suggestions would be much appreciated

  2. forearms

    This may help.

  3. i appreciate it, thnx for the thread, i should of done a search first but i didnt figure anything would come up.

  4. give them some rest.

    2cAnnons<--the person who started the other thread.

  5. I'd get it checked out and if it is a fracture only rest will heal it. It sucks to stop working out but you gotta let your body heal.

  6. yeah i figure ill go easy on it for a week or so. get some dumbell curls in, they dont seem to cause any pain. thats what i did last time and i was fine after 2 or 3 weeks. and letting the weights drop slowly on ur release when ur done helps a lot with the pain. im gonna get an ice pack monday and start icing my forarms to see if that will help at all and since it may be due to inflammation i was thinking taking some advil before workouts may help too.

  7. I had that problem before and found out it was my form. I dropped the weight a little, curled slower and stopped flexing my wrists at the end of the motion so I wouldnt lose the tempo and keep stress on my biceps. Give it a try though.

  8. My forearms used to hurt extremely bad after doing most any kind of curls, and the pain would last almost all week. It was nearly unbearable. However, after I started doing wrist curls after working bi's, the pain soon quit. Try working your forearms seperately, it helped me a lot.

  9. see the thing is ive been workin my foreamrs for months now. still resting on the curls though. pain has subsided so far but im going to allow another week or so before i go back to preacher curls, and ill try keeping better form to see if that helps at all

  10. Originally posted by dr.mattdogg
    allow another week or so before i go back to preacher curls
    if you're talking about seated preacher curls, with the seat/arm rest etc, I would NOT do those, and instead switch to standing. you'll lift more, and the weight will not be directed upon your wrists/elbows nearly as much at the top of the movement as they would be when seated (unless the arm rest is completely vertical), and your injury will not be aggravated to nearly the same extent... if you're looking for more of an isolation type movement, try incline DB curls.

  11. yeah i was thinking about tryin some inclined db curls. i love seated preacher curls too much to give it up. i dont like standing curls with the ez bar, i think it promotes bad form. i always see ppl bending their back just to put up that extra weight.


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