Broken arm.. muscle recovery techniques?

  1. Broken arm.. muscle recovery techniques?

    hey guys, i have been in a cast now for about two weeks, got 4 more to go after breaking my arm riding my dirt bike and already my forearm/bi/tri have atrophied...i am on protein and glutamine right now in all efforts to try and hang on to the muscle i have gained over the last year i have been lifting hard... my question was when i can hit the gym again, how should i begin training my weak arm?

    should i train like normal like i always have and train both sides equally? or should i train only the one side until it catches up? also, should i get a squeeze handle to work the forearm at home? and right now should i lift with the good side of my body to keep what i have and then have the weak side catch up or just wait till i can train both?

    thanks for all the info,

  2. Search for CEDeoudes59 and look at his recent threads. He had great success with IGF and a major leg injury.

  3. When I broke my wrist I was too worried about it snapping again(only ever broke one bone) to get back to lifting normally for a good bit after I was out of a cast. I would say do a lot of light weight exercises and focus on lower body if it's lacking

  4. muscle memory my friend, you'll be back to normal in no time. if you have physical therapy set up make sure you go through that. #1 important thing to do is make sure your tendons and ligaments get back up to par before anything else. you'll be back to normal in a couple months. dont worry

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