important question?

  1. Question important question?

    would it be safe or ok for me to lift twice a day on monday,wensday and thursday once in the morning and once at like 6:30 or so..??is that over traning or fine?

  2. Depends on a whole hell of a lot of things. How long have you been training, what kind of diet, what kind of workout, how old are ya etc etc.

    Too broad of a question.

  3. well to start im 17 and ive been liftin for football for the past 2 summers but actualy got seriousl about it this winter and gaind around 10 pounds and got a hell of alot stronger with our stregnth and conditioning coach.and i am about 5'8 155-160.I really havent been on a set diet but i am going to start one on monday.
    the workout goes

    mon-towel bench
    box squat
    stright leg dead lift
    leg press
    leg curl
    leg ext.

    wen-power clean
    dead lift
    seated row
    militart press
    pec dec
    lat pull down

    DB flys
    incline press

    there is also some cardio one those days

    would it be ok to add to that like lifting twice a day on those days?

  4. so your doing the workouts twice in one day? how many sets/reps are you doing?

  5. Your split is way out of alignment. You're going to be overtraining for sure. Especially your CNS from the constant leg workout.

    A simple but tested plan





    Chest exercises
    Flat bench
    Incline dumbell bench
    Crossover cables

    Tricep exercises
    Overhead extensions
    Cable extensions(various attachments)

    Leg Exercises
    Box Squat
    Rack Pulls
    Leg extensions
    Hamstring Curls
    Good Mornings

    Bicep exercises
    Barbell cur
    Preacher Curl
    Alternating Dumbell Curl
    Hammer Curl

    Back Exercises
    Pull ups
    Wide Grip Pulldowns
    Narrow Grip Pulldowns
    Bent Over rows
    Seated Rows

    Shoulder exercises
    Front lateral raises
    Side lat raises
    Military press
    Upright rows
    Rear uprights
    Bent over flys

    This is by no means a complete list but I was putting something together to get you started. Feel free to continue to get more replies and opinions before starting out.

    Keep your lifts controlled and in proper form. Keep your reps under 10 and your sets under 4. No need to do 20 sets of 15 rep curls, for example.

  6. thanks for help and plan jayhawkk i really appericate the help.
    would you have any recomended supplement for building lean mass and stregnth?

  7. Cycle support, chaos, Venom Hyperdrive and of course protein.

  8. blane, no i would not be doing that 2x a day that would be the later session i havent come up with anything for the morning one yet, any suggestions?


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