HELP, My Head!

  1. HELP, My Head!

    I wanna start off with Im serious right now. I was doing my 1 set of hack squats today and I think I ****ed up something in my head. I was doing 1 set of 20 hack squats and at about 14, I wanted to give up seriously. I kept on getting to 17 and then, slowly did 18 and felt a lil dizzy and seeing stuff, I continued 19 and finally on 20, my head just felt like it EXPLODED and my head was pounding VERY BADLY for a while, a good 2 hrs or so, then I went to bed, its not that bad of a headache now but its still there. I had to call in to work today because it hurt way too much for me. Gym guy said I mighta busted a blood vessel but I dont think so. Again, my head is still ****y feeling right now. Anyone know what coulda happened and if this will get better or what I can do to make it better? If I remember correctly, I think I was holding my breath a bi ton the last reps. Dont know. I quit working out. Quit supplements for right now. Only stuff I took previously was jungle warfare, chaos, and protein powder. Not sure what happened? Any suggestions seriously? Im worried.


  2. You might have bursted a vessel and gotten an aneurysm. If aneurysms are left untreated for a long period of time it could result in a stroke or brain damage. I'm not a doctor, but if I were you I would go to the ER and get an MRI or something. Link to info on Brain Aneurysm.

  3. I concur. An MRI is definetly in order.

  4. Hit the docs man. Could be nothing or it could be serious and it's better to check it and it be nothing than to let it ride and be traumatic.

    Hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Good luck man.

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